SnowFlaker is a Facebook application that enables the user to cut out and save paper snowflakes. Snowflakes can be emailed directly from the SnowFlaker app, or can be saved to your hard drive. SnowFlaker can also save your snowflake right to your Facebook photo album!

SnowFlaker is built with the Flash IDE, using the relatively new Actionscript 3.0 Facebook API classes. The new API is much improved and has virtually the same syntax as other popular Facebook APIs. The application deployment has the common Facebook support pages – About, Help, Invite Friends, etc. In addition, SnowFlaker has a built-in, animated Help System that explains all the controls and processes.

The application creates a triangle shape to which the user can subtract from. With mouse clicks, the user can position the resulting red vertices into a closed path. By clicking the ADD button or starting a new path, the path area is subtracted from the triangle. The user can also UNDO previous actions or RESET the triangle back to whole. Clicking CREATE Snowflake duplicates the triangle 12 times around a center axis to form the snowflake on the color canvas. Editing the snowflake attributes, such as name, shading or background color, are easy, one touch processes.

When the user has completed their snowflake, they have several options to share their creation. The image can be saved to their hard drive by clicking SAVE TO DISK. Or they could send an email to a friend with the snowflake image as an attachment by selecting EMAIL IT. The snowflake can also be added to the user’s Facebook photo album collection.

A timed Banner Ad Display System is incorporated into SnowFlaker, providing the means to monetize the application. The system rotates the ad banners at pre-determined intervals, and can be tracked by Google Analytics. New ads are added or removed by simply editing an external xml file.

The SnowFlaker deployment on Facebook also includes a “SHOW IT OFF” slide show module that displays a chosen collection of snowflake images, offering motivation and inspiration…

Type: Game
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Vector
Deliverables: Flash SWF|html

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