Signs Of Intelligence is an online application that allows the user to build their own custom road sign. The sign can then be passed on to friends to view. The Flash app can also generate a JPEG image of the sign to save. Flash 8-PHP-mySQL programming languages are the main technologies incorporated.

The intro page welcomes the user with a 3d sign animation to seamlessly glides you into the start of the sign building process. The website incorporates realistic blurred motion graphics to walk the user through the sign building process. The website allows the creator “Photoshop-like” color and transformation tools.

Utilizing PHP and mySQL Database technologies, the sign and its information is stored and friends are simultaneously notified by email a link to which they may follow to see the sign recreated. The sign may also be saved to disk as a JPEG image file.

Type: viral app
Skills: Flash | PHP | mySQL | 3d
Deliverables: Flash SWF|html