Remember? is a playing card memory game for iOS, running on the iPad. The Remember? game provides players with a way to improve their playing card memory - such as card position, suit, and rank. The game keeps track of users, storing game data in a persistent file, and using this data to generate a High Score Table. A Head-Up Display presents a real-time Game Timer, Accuracy, and Attempts information. The Game Interface Design has a 1950s Las Vegas gaming look and feel. A fun game for one to exercise their mind!

To begin, the user is presented with the High Scores Table, the Username Input Field, and the Play Button on the home section. The directions are simple - click the Play Button and the mahogany doors slide open and cards are laid out in a grid on the table. The object of the game is to match all 8 card pairs in the shortest possible time. A red indicator, on the HUD Panel near the bottom, displays the length of time the current game has taken. The HUD Panel also displays the amount of Attempts, as well as the Accuracy percentage.

A Close Button, on the Controls Panel near the top, allows the user to quit the game before it has been completed. The Control Panel also displays the Settings Button, allowing you to open the Settings Panel were you can change card sets, send feedback, or visit the developer site. If you completed at game, you will be asked to save your game time to the High Scores Table by the Completion Panel.

Remember? was built using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 exported as AIR for iOS.

Type: Entertainment
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Vector
Deliverables: iOS|ipa