Maze is an editorial illustration, created for Time Inc., with the subject of using shortcuts in investment strategy. This illustration was created using 3d modeling technology, which can render a realistic, high resolution final image from the model. This approach is well suited for prototyping or visualizing an object that can’t be easily reproduced through photography and/or Photoshop manipulation. Also, 3d modeling allows for rendering the object at any number of viewpoints or environments. This illustrative approach involves an additional front end investment in building and texturising the model. To create the illustration, 2d profiles created in Adobe Illustrator are imported into the modeling program. The profile parts are then lathed and extruded to create the various 3d parts. These parts are then arranged and assigned realistic textures and surface properties. The scene is illuminated by directional ambient light sources and rendered with the photo-realistic method of ray-tracing. Finally, all the parts were composited in Adobe Photoshop.

Type: illustration
Skills: Illustrator|Photoshop|3d
Deliverables: hi-res image