Egg Match Game is Flash game created for Finn Digital for their client Pfizer Pharmaceutical. The game was created in a wide screen format for deployment on trade show kiosks. The Egg Match Game begins with a high score boards animation. The game has two playing options, playing against a set time and playing against the clock to match all the eggs. The app starts by displaying the high scores for each version of the game, which are stored internally as well as in a local cookie. The start section provides the option of game play choice. After a game completion, players are sent back to this state. There is also an inactivity listener, which will automatically return the game here after one and a half minutes of inactivity. The object of the Time Challenge game is see how long it takes to all sixteen matched pairs. The color palette for the egg designs included heightened color contrast, to help to distinguish between eggs. Once your game is completed, the player has the option to enter their name, location, and score into the database with the virtual keyboard. The keyboard allows for touch input, and includes a bad word filter. The object of the Free Play game is see how many pairs you can match in a minute…

Type: Game
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Illustrator
Deliverables: Flash SWF