A Flash website created to represent Cuvee, the chic, elegant champagne bar located on the East side of Milwaukee. The site delivers its content while section specific slideshows lumber in the background. A Content Management System was created to ease the organization of event pages…

The Home page, complete with random "party bubbles" floating effortlessly cross the interface, welcomes he viewer and suggests 4 of the more frequently requested destinations. The random motion "boucing star" beckons you to seek out the menu.

The content in a specific section can be expanded and superimposed over the section's slideshow background. This allows for a clean and unintrusive website visuals.

The photographic imagery is a dominant visual component of the website and creates a visual taste of the atmosphere at Cuvee. The site also includes and event, contacts, links, etc.

Type: Website
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Vector
Deliverables: Flash SWF|html