Chaos is a generative art application for iOS, running on the iPad. Chaos enables the user to create randomly generated abstract art compositions, and then save them to the iPad's cameraroll for future usage. Use your compositions as desktop wallpapers, or share with others. Adjust the amount of objects used, as well as the color hue of the artwork. Compositions are created in an animated fashion, gradually and gracefully rendered to the screen. Warning to users - this app can be addicting!

The directions are quite simple - click the "Create" Button and watch the artwork be generated. A red indicator bar, below the options bar on top, displays the progress of art building process. When the artwork is completed, a completion bar appears at the bottom, providing a "Save" the art or "Cancel" option. After the decision is made, the completion bar disappears and the "Create" Button reappears. An options bar, located at the top, allows slider control of the object quantity. In addition, the seed color can be changed by tapping on the color circle selections.

Chaos was built using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 exported as AIR for iOS.

Type: Entertainment
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Vector
Deliverables: iOS|ipa