Zombie Face Builder is an interactive component built on web standards with Adobe Edge Animate CC. Zombie Face Builder enables the user to assemble a custom zombie face by dragging and dropping facial feature parts from included libraries. The libraries include hair, eyes, ears, noses, and mouth features.

Installation is easy as adding a "div" element to web page's html. Using a drag and drop interface, the user builds their custom face by selecting a feature library and dragging a part from that library onto the face panel. The drop target area highlights when the dragged part is over it signaling time to drop. The dropped part gracefully slides into position.

Other features include ambient and event audio, an animated help system, last time visited reminder, the ability to save the face to a downloadable file. You may also send your zombie face to the printer. Zombie Face Builder makes extensive use of SVG graphics and is coded in javascript. Javascript libraries used include Greensock for animation, Buzz for audio, and QueryLoader for preloading effects.

Zombie Face Builder was built using Adobe Edge Animate CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC.


Type: Entertainment
Skills: Edge Animate|Illustrator|SVG
Deliverables: HTML5

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